TYPO3 Extensions

  • more than 6.000 extensions to core freely available
  • facilitate working, optimize or add functions to TYPO3 web sites
  • individual solutions for special cases

Extensions for TYPO3

Besides many core functions, also because of the modular construction and the numerous extensions TYPO3 is such a capable system. Currently, TYPO3 offers more than 6.000 extensions that are freely available for TYPO3 users (editors and administrators). With these extensions, your web site can be equiped with new functions at any time in order to adapt it to your growth and your demands.

However, the selection of appropriate extensions requires expertise and TYPO3 background knowledge since not all extensions available are equally good or adequate at all. Thus, various extensions add to a web site being good or very good in different ways - for instance, by facilitating the work with a TYPO3 system, by optimizing a web site regarding user- and search engine-friendliness, by adding to the functional scope usefully, or by enabling special solutions and individual applications.

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