News Extension tt_news

  • quick and uncomplicated publishing of news on a TYPO3 web site
  • write news texts like normal page contents
  • categories, chronological control, and customization

TYPO3 News Extension "tt_news"

  • easy writing of news articles with pictures, links, and tables
  • extra fields for image properties, links to related news, categories, and teaser
  • create categories and relate them to news articles to ensure more transparency

news overview with images and categories with TYPO3 extension tt_news
detail view of news article with TYPO3 extension tt_news


  • news overview to be set individually (e.g. when news are being moved to archive, how many news are displayed per page)
  • comments to the news available

Alternative Extensions

For new projects we also use the TYPO3 extension "news" which is technically more modern, but in many other respects similar to tt_news.


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