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  • effective web sites for company of all sizes
  • high quality organisation software based on TYPO3
  • free TYPO3 service: TYPO3 online help, TYPO3 videos

Who Is Behind typo3-websites.eu?

typo3-websites.eu is a service of a7digital - a German company founded in the Rhein-Main area and now based in L├╝beck in Northern Germany. We are passionate about creating effective web sites with modern, user friendly layouts at prices affordable for medium-size enterprises. Our services range from conception, layout, implementation - preferably with TYPO3, hosting, training, search engine optimization, text compositon and image optimisation, to web site relaunch and intranet solutions.

Another of our priorities is organisation optimization which for us not only means investigating processes and structures concerning improvement options, but also establishing our digital organization system Effizienz-Lotse. This software and concepts supports daily work effectively and can be utilised as a powerful tool for quality management as well.

Multifunctional Use of TYPO3

In both areas, we decided to use the open source content management system TYPO3 - a decision that we have never regretted ever since! TYPO3 enables us to offer our customers high-quality web sites at reasonable prices. At the same time we - and especially our customers - benefit from the enormous capacity and flexibility of TYPO3.

Based on this content management framework, we were able to create a well-thought-out organization software with reasonable effort. Some of the extensions we have developed, you can find on the page extensions.

web design with the cms TYPO3
the organisation software Effizienz-Lotse is based on the cms TYPO3

TYPO3 Service

In addition, we provide free help for our customers and people interested in working with the cms, e.g. with the web site TYPO3 Help (in German only). Furthermore, we have produced short TYPO3 videos for editors explaining the work with TYPO3, and setup TYPO3 test web sites in different versions.

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TYPO3 Web Sites is a services of a7digital.