Content Management Systems

  • reasonable division of content, structure, and design
  • always automatic adjustment of texts and images to the layout
  • update web site content without HTML or programming skills

Web Site Administration with a Content Management System

The usage of a content management system (cms) offers a lot of advantages to every web presence since contents are stored and edited seperately from design and structure. The software consistently adjusts the content to the layout. Thus, texts, images, and files are rearranged on their own to the web site view, even if changes increase the extend of your web site considerably.

Just as easy, the cms regulates the creation and reorganization of pages, or the deletion of pages and content. All formats relevant for internet publication can be handeled easily.

You Do Not Need Any Technical Background Knowledge

This means, as web site owner, you neither need HTML or programming skills, nor a technical background to create new, and edit or chronologically manage existing contents.

The only important pre-condition is a cms being adequately set up according to your demands - at least, if it is as capable as TYPO3 - and integrated into the designated layout. Then, you only need to know which options the cms offers and how to work with it efficiently. And this is what we show you in our video tutorials, the accompanying test web site, and the online help for the content management system TYPO3.

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