typo3-websites.eu offers:

  • information about TYPO3 - core functions, extensions, assistance
  • examples for TYPO3 web sites - references, extensions, solutions
  • manuals for TYPO3 core and extensions - written and as video


With TYPO3 Everything is Possible!

There is still the myth TYPO3 web sites are already recognizable by their design. We have composed an interesting selection of references and design examples based on TYPO3 showing that versatile designs and very different styles are possible with the cms, for example without columns, in Twitter Bootstrap style and, of course, always responsive with optimized views for all devices.

Tips and Test Web Sites for Editors

Updating to a new TYPO3 version often brings new good features and changed functionalities, which are also useful for the work of website editors. About interesting changes in TYPO3 11 for editors (in German only) we provide a detailed description. Likewise, we still provide worth knowing changes in TYPO3 10 for editors (in German only) and changes in TYPO3 9 for editors (in German only). At the same time you can try out new features that came with TYPO3 version 9 LTS in a test web site for editors.

Those who do not know how to work with the CMS TYPO3 yet, can supportively use our two tutorial videos for TYPO3 8 LTS as a step-by-step training, because there are no big differences in the view for editors between the versions.

Web Sites with TYPO3

... pay off quickly

Once it has been set up poperly, you can permanently save money with a TYPO3 web site. Without the expensive help of a web agency, you can add new texts and images at any time you like to a professional, capable, and search engine friendly web site.


This web site serves two main purposes:

  • to show the options of TYPO3 and offer easy to understand information for persons interested in TYPO3 web sites
  • to offer our customers and the TYPO3 community support for working with TYPO3

On typo3-websites.eu you can also find these topics:

view TYPO3 websites of noted companies and big organisations

The capable open source cms is used by many noted, world-wide operating companies of different branches. Besides that, numerous big non-profit organisations and public institutions choose TYPO3 for their web sites.

We show you a selection of known TYPO3 web sites.

learn more about TYPO3 core functions

Already in standard TYPO3 offers numerous useful core functions whose combination make for high-capacity web sites offering a user-friendly handling as well as efficiency in work an flexibility in design.

We describe selected functions of the TYPO3 core.

view descriptions and instructions for selected TYPO3 extensions

There are thousands of freely available extensions to add almost any kind of function to a TYPO3 website at any time.

We describe a large number of useful extensions as well as special solutions we have developed, and offer instructions for selected TYPO3 extensions.

more information about our TYPO3 hotline

TYPO3 Hotline

For urgent questions about TYPO3 or problems with the cms we offer a hotline giving quick, individual answers to editors and admins.

The first ten minutes of the call at our TYPO3 hotline are free of charge. Further minutes will be charged exactly to-the-minute and only after your prior agreement.

learn more about the webdesign service of a7digital

For many years we create high-quality web sites based on TYPO3 matching the company and target groups. Our offer of service covers amongst others conception, layout, hosting, training, text compositon, image optimisation and web site relaunch.

Read more about our webdesign service.

overview of our TYPO3 test and demo websites

For testing and practing we provide free TYPO3 demo web sites that are set-up adequately for editors. They offer TYPO3 users and people interested in TYPO3 the possibilty to try working with the cms straightforwardly and without registration.

We offer the TYPO3 test web sites in different TYPO3 versions.

watch TYPO3 videos for editors in different versions of the cms

We produce tutorial videos for editors in different TYPO3 long term support versions explaining vividly how to work with the cms.

On typo3-websites.eu you can watch free TYPO3 video tutorials for different versions of TYPO3.

systematic TYPO3 manual for editors - in German only

For editors we have created an illustrated online instruction for a systematic start in working with the content management system TYPO3.

This detailed manual for the popular cms TYPO3 we provide on TYPO3 Help for free (in German only).

English Version of typo3-websites.eu

Due to a lack of time we cannot provide the whole web site in English since we collected a huge amount of information during the last years. Therefore, we have translated typo3-websites.eu selectively to make at least the most important content available in English. If you understand German, you will find more details by viewing the German pages as well.

We are aware that our web site is not composed in perfect English language, but nevertheless will you hopefully find useful information and material about TYPO3. In any case we will be pleased to serve you in English. If you have any questions about TYPO3 or our service, please contact us.

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