TYPO3 Extension for Google Maps

  • interactive display of addresses on a Google map
  • view with different maps, zoom, and directions
  • show any number of markers, also anonymous, if desired

Example 1: Google Maps with Directions

  • map view with marker and address details
  • if desired, accurate directions (to here / from here) on the same page

Example 2: Google Maps with an Unlimited Number of Markers

  • marker from list of web site users
  • user list next to map; by click on user in map, the address is displayed in the map
  • radius search of users with individual directions


  • setting size, focus, zoom, type of map, and navigation options individually
  • limited to selected front-end user groups, or an address list (like tt_address)
  • address information optionally with links, your logo or other image
  • data security options: use addresses for markers on the map, but do not show

Alternative Google Maps Extension

The TYPO3 extension "go_maps_ext" also offers Google maps with versatile functions .

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