Rich Text Editor

  • easy handling - like well-known word processing programs
  • versatile formatting options
  • can be configured individually for optimal use

The TYPO3 Extension Rich Text Editor


  • write texts as usual, and still generate HTML pages
  • intuitive editing due to user interface similar to known word processing programs such as Word
  • appropriate professional adaptation is useful, since the RTE offers many formatting options, possibly also those that could jeopardize the harmonious appearance of the web site

Specific Installation of the TYPO3 System Extension Rich Text Editor

TYPO3 Rich Text Editor with optimized adaptation and selected formatting options
in their settings users can themselves adapt the display of the TYPO3 RTE

Alternative Extensions

This system extension has been considered deprecated since TYPO3 8 and is no longer offered as of TYPO3 9. Alternatively, the new system extension "rte_ckeditor" can be used which offers largely the same customization possibilities with regard to specific RTE set-ups and, despite some differences in handling, is also relatively simple and intuitive for editors to use. Nevertheless, the mentioned differences in handling caused us to develop additional plugins to adapt the CKEditor that make the new Rich Text Editor even more comfortable to use than the previous one described here.

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