TYPO3 extensions for organization software

  • intranet solution for organisation optimization
  • use goes far beyond a normal website
  • organization system increases efficiency and quality

Organization and QM system based on TYPO3

Because of its modular structure and the strengths of the core system, TYPO3 can be effectively employed far beyond its usual use for websites. We use the Content Management System, among other things, for organizational optimization.

TYPO3 Extensions for Business Process Optimization

For this purpose we have developed a group of TYPO3 extensions: the extensions "bpm_guide", "bpm_tools", "bpm_tasks" and a number of other tools. From TYPO3 6 onwards we combine these functions in "a7bpm", which can also be supplemented by further tool extensions. BPM stands for Business Process Management.

Altogether, the BPM extensions are used for our organization system Effizienz-Lotse. It supports companies and organizations in increasing efficiency and quality in all processes, as well as in the training of employees and in the training of representatives. If required, the Effizienz-Lotse can be extended by QM-specific functions and is therefore also suitable as an unbureaucratic, efficient quality management system for certification according to DIN ISO 9001, among others.

example of a single topic in Effizienz-Lotse, the TYPO3-based QM and organization system
typical process in Effizienz Lotse, the TYPO3-based organization and QM system


If you have questions about the functionality of the system or would like a free online demonstration, please contact us.

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