TYPO3 Extension for Research Database

  • targeted display of research projects according to topics, etc.
  • data handling of persons and publications
  • filtering of the display according to various criteria

Research Database with TYPO3

In order to bundle the work of various research groups and institutions and present it to the public in an appealing way on a TYPO3 website, we have developed the TYPO3 extension "a7ppp" for data handling of projects, persons and publications.

For an individual display of all information requested by the customer, the database solution consists of three main tables for projects, persons and publications, which obtain data alternately from each other, as well as additional auxiliary tables, which provide further data for the main tables. Many of these tables consist of several fields, which the extension uses automatically and differently for the composition of the different views in the backend and frontend. On the website, visitors thus see, for example, in the case of a research project, the persons involved, or in the case of a person, all research projects in which the person has participated and all publications in which he or she has been involved - with further details, for example, on institutions, work packages with subtasks or publication types.

list of projects with the TYPO3 extension a7ppp
single view of project with the TYPO3 extension a7ppp

The projects, persons and publications are all displayed on a common page in independent lists and with a search and filter function. The individual lists contain various details so that, in addition to the title / name, the most important information can be seen at a glance - for example, in the case of publications, the names of the (first 3) authors as well as when and in the context of which work package they were published. In addition, the projects and persons offer single views that can be reached via links and have speaking urls for search engine optimization. They provide further information such as a description, the time period and other key information about a project or the contact details and research interest of the persons. The publications can be opened directly in a linked PDF file.

The lists of projects, persons and publications initially group the several hundred records alphabetically by topic or publication type. By clicking on one of the subheadings, all related records are displayed resp. all at once by using the "show all" link. The display is usually sorted alphabetically in ascending order, with projects sorted by status first (active projects first, completed last) and publications sorted by year first in descending order.

The standard display of the lists can be restricted by various filters, e.g. by date fields (by year), by multiple selection fields for subject, workpackage, publication type and keyword, and by input fields for searching by name/title or in the abstract of a project. All search fields can be combined with each other, which further limits the display of the numerous records.

single view of person with the TYPO3 extension a7ppp
list of publications with the TYPO3 extension a7ppp

Interesting Options of the TYPO3 Extension a7ppp at a Glance

  • grouped and sorted display of projects, persons and publications
  • 3 different list views bundled on one page
  • various filter options to limit the display
  • lists with the most important information at a glance
  • individual views for projects and persons with further details
  • search engine friendly, speaking ulrs of single views
  • publications can be called up directly via link as PDF files
  • CSV export function for projects in the backend
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