TYPO3 Extension for Contact Person Search

  • targeted display of contact data with filter function
  • limit the selection by city and street
  • records can be used for further TYPO3 extensions

Search for Contact Person with TYPO3

Our TYPO3 extension for a targeted contact person search is a good example of programming that is tailored to the customer's wishes down to the last detail. There are of course various ready-made extensions for the display of address data. However, the customer's data structure and requirements could only be realized with a new extension. This extension "a7contact" provides the basic functions and the data structure. For additional functions such as a map and a contact form, however, the extension uses already existing extensions.

Specially developed for a housing association, this TYPO3 extension allows different types of data records to be created and linked with each other:

  • for the rental properties of the building cooperative, which are named after the respective street in which they are located
  • for the cities where the objects are located
  • service centers and service offices in whose area of responsibility the objects fall
  • persons who are responsible for the rental objects
  • functions of the responsible persons

The TYPO3 extension a7contact offers a filter function for the contact data records, so that their selection for the respective rental objects can be limited first to the city and then to a street there. The responsible contact persons, usually a customer service representative and a housekeeper, are then displayed with their contact details, service times and photos. The employees can also be contacted via a form. In addition, the service center or service office responsible for the property is shown with contact data and service times and a route planner function is provided (for details see Interesting Options).

contact person search with a7contact
a7contact detail view of the contact person selection

Interesting Options of the TYPO3 Extension a7contact

The contact data records of the TYPO3 extension a7contact are linked to further functions in the detail view of the respective selection:

  • For the contact persons shown, a contact form based on the TYPO3 extension powermail is linked, into which the contact data of the respective contact person is automatically transferred. In this way, each contact person can be contacted directly using one and the same form.
  • A map based on the TYPO3 extension go_maps_ext shows the location of service centers or service offices and offers a route planner function to them on the same page, with the possibility of selecting the means of transport.
Contact data Contact data
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