TYPO3 Extension a7antispam

  • effective protection against spam entries
  • for TYPO3 standard and powermail forms
  • for newsletter registration, guestbook and other extensions

Effective Spam Protection for TYPO3 Websites

If you regularly receive spam entries on your TYPO3 website via contact forms, guestbook, newsletter registration or other forms, you will probably be looking for a reliable spam protection. Especially spam bots that fill out forms automatically sometimes generate a lot of annoying spam entries. To distinguish spam bots from real visitors, captcha solutions are often used with forms. Popular solutions include images with distorted or blurred combinations of numbers or letters that are to be recognized and typed by the visitor, or small sums visitors have to solve. Unfortunately, these solutions also bring problems, e.g. that the distorted number-letter combinations are sometimes difficult to recognize even for the visitors, or that arithmetic tasks are also easy for some spam bots to manage.

For this reason, instead of the usual captcha solutions, we have developed our own spam protection extension, which relies on questions that are easy and unambiguous for website visitors to answer, but not for bots, automated. The TYPO3 extension "a7antispam" developed by a7digital adds a validation field to forms in the frontend. If this field is filled in incorrectly three times in a row or not at all, the IP address is put on an internal blacklist and suspicious entries are not forwarded to the recipient. This is primarily intended to prevent automatic spam entries from bots.

TYPO3 standard contact form protected with TYPO3 extension a7antispam
spam Log of the TYPO3 standard contact form protected with a7antispam

Since the TYPO3 extension a7antispam can basically be used with any form, regardless of which extension it is generated by, it provides effective protection against annoying spam entries, for example, for contact forms of the system extension form or the extension powermail as well as for forms of guestbooks or newsletter registrations. The a7antispam extension is multilingual and can be extended with additional questions and answers as needed. If you have multiple forms on your website, the extension can be used either only on selected of them or of course on all of them. If the internal blacklist contains a lot of database entries very quickly, the a7antispam can be usefully supplemented by the extension "a7sqltask" developed by a7digital, which regularly deletes database entries of spam attempts.

Options of the a7antispam at a Glance

  • internal blacklist to protect against automated spam
  • multilingual
  • questions and answers extentable
  • automatic deletion of database entries of spam attempts possible with the TYPO3 extension a7sqltask
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