TYPO3 Newsletter Extension

  • advanced sending of newsletters
  • can be combined with other TYPO3 extensions
  • easy de-/ registration of subscribers

Write Newsletters with a TYPO3 Extension


  • advanced creating of newsletters with sophisticated options for personalized sending
  • can be combined with other extensions such as "sr_feuser_register" or "direct_mail_subscription" or - in newer projects - "sr_email_subscribe" together with "tt_address", for easy registration and deregistration of subscribers, and choice of preferred topics
in the direct_mail module in the backend one can select categories per content element deciding on the display in the newsletter
easy choice of receivers for the newsletter with the TYPO3 direct_mail extension

Options of direct_mail

  • individualized bulk mailing, delayed sending, personalized links, and test message in advance to your own address
  • choose recipient from registered front-end users, the address list (tt_address) or any other table of the TYPO3 installation, or import by an interface, or enter manually
  • additional features: 'Quick Mail' function for urgent messages; evaluation of non-delivered e-mails; creation of SQL queries without programming skills
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