Test Web Site in TYPO3 9.5 LTS Free of Charge

  • in TYPO3 version 9.5 LTS (no longer supported officially)
  • content similar to the known TYPO3 test web sites
  • easy access for editors, no registration

TYPO3 CMS Test Web Site in TYPO3 9 LTS

On typo3-cms-test.de you can get to know and test the content management system TYPO3 in long term support (LTS) version 9.5. For this version the free support of the TYPO3 community has expired, but extended long term support (ELTS) is available until the end of September 2024.

For easy orientation, this test website for the cms is specially designed for editors and based on the well-known TYPO3 Test practice website, so that its content is as far as possible the same. As always, an unchangeable reference website is available for review in the backend, which you can access in the frontend on https://www.typo3-cms-test.de/e/.

To help you learn how to work with TYPO3 even better, we have created training videos (an introduction video for editors as well as an additional video about further features) for TYPO3 version 8, which you can also use for version 9 LTS, since the view has not changed significantly for editors. Detailed descriptions of changes in TYPO3 9 for editors (in German only) are also provided for information purposes.

Access to the TYPO3 cms test web site in TYPO3 9.5 LTS

To edit your own TYPO3 cms test website in version 9 LTS, please follow the link to create the access data. You can log-in right away and start testing the cms in TYPO3 9. Registration is not necessary.


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