Free Demo Web Site in TYPO3 Version 4.5

  • long term support version 4.5 (no longer maintained)
  • set up also corresponds to TYPO3 videos for editors in v4.2
  • fast and easy access data creation

TYPO3 Demo Web Site in Long Term Support Version 4.5

The TYPO3 demo web site offers TYPO3 users and those interested in TYPO3 an easy way to get to know the content management system TYPO3 version 4.5 (which is no longer supported) and to test working with the cms.

The still commonly used TYPO3 version 4.5 is outstandingly suited for comprehending the TYPO3 video tutorial series for editors which has been produced in version 4.2. Just like the videos in version 4.2 the demo web site in version 4.5 is setup especially for editors and the pages and content correspond to those of the videos - except for a few deviations. The differences of these two versions refer mainly to backend views as well as to frontend editing and are explained in the video about version differences.

The unchangeable reference web site that is provided to you in the back end as example can be found in the front end under

Access to the TYPO3 demo web site in 4.5

To edit an individual test web site of, please click on the following link to generate your access data. Then you can start testing right away.


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