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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is one of the most popular and well-known content management systems worldwide. It can be used for web sites as well as intranet solutions. Miscellaneous kinds of content can be entered and edited by different users with individual access rights while structure, design and technical basis are maintained separately.

The software is based on the scripting language PHP and is freely available (open source). The code with which it is written is open and therefore steadily develloped further. Moreover, numerous extensions can be integrated into the content management system without changing the source code or writing a new one. Therefore, internet solutions based on TYPO3 can always be extended at any time.

Is TYPO3 only worth big enterprises' while?

Surely do especially big enterprises gladly decide on TYPO3 as they can handle easily their large and often multilingual web sites equiped with diverse functions by sophisticated user roles. But also for small enterprises the use of this capable cms is worth it - not only because of the efficient independant maintainance of their internet or intranet solution and TYPO3's flexibilty which serves almost all possible applications. TYPO3 can furthermore be extended by many freely available extensions at anytime so that a web site can always be adapted to the current demands and grow just like the enterprise itself.

Do I have to fear that no service is offered because the software is free?

No, you do not have to worry that you might not be provided TYPO3 support if you have any problems with the content management system. There are numerous forums, written instructions, videos and even a hotline offering free support before you have to turn to a support with costs.

I want to integrate a guest book or news into my existing TYPO3 web site, is that possible belatedly?

Yes, TYPO3 web sites can be extended belatedly by numerous functions, also by a slider, a guestbook or a news system for example. Due to TYPO's modular build-up it is possible to extend every web site by additional modules - so called extensions - in any order and at any time.

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How do I know which one of the many TYPO3 extensions is the right one for my intention?

As there are so many extensions for TYPO3 users often have difficulties in finding out which one is the most appropriate for their purpose. We recommend to consult a TYPO3 professional who is experienced in using TYPO3 and can give you an evaluation of which extensions are more or less suitable.

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What can I do if there is no suitable TYPO3 extension for my purpose?

Although there are numerous TYPO3 extensions, it often happens that for the user's intention there is not the perfect one. In such a case it is always possible to create a new extension for your needs. Therefore one can sometimes build on an existing extension in order to reduce the development effort. Often also the TYPO3 kickstarter helps to develop a new extension. The special solutions we have developed will give you a first impression of the possibilities.

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My TYPO3 training was long time ago - how can I refresh the knowledge the fastest?

There are different ways to refresh your knowledge of TYPO3. On the one hand, you could use the TYPO3 online help (in German only) which explains working with TYPO3 in a systematic way. On the other hand, it just might help you to watch a short introduction video and everything will occur to you again. Alternatively, you could also choose other TYPO3 videos of the old series about a certain subject.

Of course, there are also further videos, books and trainings which are free of cost or with costs. An individual online training directed to your questions and concerns is also very effective.

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Is there also a detailed written instruction for TYPO3 besides the videos?

In order to learn better or faster, TYPO3 users preferring reading instead of watching videos are offered our comprehensive and systematic TYPO3 help for editors you can use if you understand German. Although this refers to TYPO3 version 6.2 LTS, which is no longer supported, it nevertheless conveys many basic principles of TYPO3 that have remained the same in the course of further development and can facilitate a systematic introduction to working with the CMS.

Alternatively you can, of course, stock up on material about TYPO3 in bookselling trade.

Can I use the video series also for newer TYPO3 versions?

Even though the video series for editors shows TYPO3 in the now obsolete version 4.2, they can definitely also be used for newer versions like the (now also obsolete) TYPO3 Long Term Support version 4.5, which is sometimes still in use. The view of the backend has changed indeed with the newer versions, but - at least in TYPO3 generation 4 - these are mainly no functional changes. In our update video we show you the differences between the video version 4.2 and the long term support version 4.5.

Between TYPO3 version 6 and higher and our video training series there are also functional differences. For example, the integration of images has changed fundamentally as well as the creation and editing of forms. In order to understand TYPO3 fundamentally and to get a systematic start, the old training series is certainly also useful for more recent Long-Term-Support versions and can clarify one or the other detail question. Because even though the backend views and some functions have changed in the course of the further development of the software, many basic principles are still the same.

For Long Term Support versions 6 to 8, which are now also no longer considered current versions but are still frequently in use due to Extended Long Term Support (ELTS), we also provide short introductory videos such as  the 4 Minutes Introduction to TYPO3 6.2 LTS or Introduction to TYPO3 7 LTS . In TYPO3 9 LTS, not much has changed in the editing of the website for editors compared to TYPO3 8 LTS, so our Introduction to TYPO3 8 LTS is good to use for both version 8 and 9.

Can I continue working on my test web site tomorrow?

No, it is not possible to continue working with the same contents on the next day. You have to enter the content and upload files newly again. Every night between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. the whole test installation of demo TYPO3, TYPO3 testTYPO3 demo version, TYPO3 testen and TYPO3 cms test is reset to the original settings in order to let other testers practice working with TYPO3 as well.

But of course, you can log in newly every day again; there is no time limit or such. In doing so, please always generate new access data in order to make sure that you do not work simultaneously on the same test web site with another user.

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