Flexibility with TYPO3

  • independent working - everytime and everywhere
  • specific access rights and different editing options
  • free organisation of layout and content

Flexibility in Work and Design

Different editing options

TYPO3 often offers several ways to undertake an action. Functions normally can be accomplished by icons or context menus; just as well, in some places you can choose different views.

Layout variations

Within one web site, you can use different layouts without much effort in order to meet the style of different customer groups. Imagine, you would like to have a section specifically for young customers: you do not need to change the layout in the other sections, too. With TYPO3, you can address different tastes within one web site. You can also improve the orientation on your web site and provide for diversification with different background images or color schemes for each area of work - just to name a few of your options.

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