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TYPO3 Neos 1.0 published

After several years of intensive development the new TYPO3 Neos 1.0, another CMS of the TYPO3 family, was published. In our short video you can see how intuitive working with TYPO3 Neos is.

Web sites with TYPO3

... pay off quickly

Once it has been set up poperly, you can permanently save money with a TYPO3 web site. Without the expensive help of a web agency, you can add new texts and images at any time you like to a professional, capable, and search engine friendly web site.


This web site serves two main purposes:

  • to show the options of TYPO3 and offer easy to understand information for persons interested in TYPO3 web sites
  • to offer our customers and the TYPO3 community support for working with TYPO3

English Version of typo3-websites.eu

For time reasons, we cannot provide the whole web site in English since we collected a huge amount of information during the last years. Therefore, we have translated typo3-websites.eu selectively to make at least the most important content available in English. If you understand German, you will find more details by viewing the German pages as well.

We are aware that our web site is not composed in the best English, but you will hopefully nevertheless find useful information and material about TYPO3. In any case, we will be pleased to serve you in English. If you have any questions about TYPO3 or our service, please contact us.

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